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I discovered my passion for digital design and technology in 1995 just as the internet started to become a thing, building my first websites on GeoCities and then graduating to building dot-coms beginning with a company I ran out of my college dorm room. After college, I developed e-commerce systems at Kennametal, intranets, custom applications and collaboration systems at Vocollect, ran the design technologies department at agency Vance Wright Adams, and then led project strategies at digital marketing firm Pipitone Group. I am currently the Director of User Experience at software development agency, Build in Motion. Overall, I've contributed to hundreds of web and mobile applications through strategy, design and development. Samples of my work are available in the project timeline below.

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Project Timeline

    The Laundry Chute

    UX/UI design for an application that manages pickup and delivery laundry services for students on college campuses. This was a challenging but fun project to work on due to the complex workflow involved in the process from start to finish. Great app for a great client!

    The Efficiency Network

    The Efficiency Network, a.k.a. TEN, is a company that we're doing a lot of software development for at Build in Motion. The client was interested in streamlining their website by removing much of the content that was superfluous and creating a one-click deep website. After sending me their requirements, I reformatted their website and turned around a finished product within 24 working hours.

    Build In Motion

    I began working at Build in Motion in July 2015 and immediately got to work rebranding the company with a new logo, color palette, website, and print materials. The website was built using AngularJS and was integrated into the company's proprietary inMotion application platform.


    Born out of my experience building, leverages many of the same concepts including news, careers, neighbors, and a wiki-style object grid. The site was built to help foster better communication and a greater sense if community pride.

    John Challis Courage for Life Foundation

    The John Challis Courage for Life Foundation The Courage for Life Foundation grants life encouraging sports experiences to high school athletes with life threatening illnesses. This website is built in WordPress and includes an e-commerce plugin that drives the merchandise store and registrations for the annual golf outing.


    I've been working with Heinz the past few years to help them define a talent brand that will help attract and retain employees. Due to organizational changes at Heinz over that span, it was a difficult time to start such a project. We were however, able to get this website completed prior to the merger with Kraft.


    Commet is a mobile application that is a long time in the making. I think me and a friend first brainstormed the idea back in 2009. The project has stopped and started, gone though several development teams, but now finally I believe I have the right team and partners in place to launch it and soon!!

    CMU IDeATe

    IDeATe is a program at Carnegie Mellon University that allows students to take courses and labs that span the university curriculum. Students can team up with designers, developers, writers, graphic artists and even theater majors to create new and innovative projects. This was the first client project I used the Concrete5 content management system.

    Teslin Substrate by PPG

    One one thinks about exciting web development projects, synthetic paper isn't the subject matter that typically comes to mind. But this wonder-material is used in and on everything from passports, to driver's licenses, chemical barrels, food labels and more! The project was actually quite complex with many pages and interesting layouts. Plus, the client was awesome to work with.

    Elect John Petrucci

    In 2014, a friend of the family decided to run for Magisterial District Judge. Being a candidate on a budget, I built a quick website using a ThemeForest template in the Concrete5 content management system for easy maintenance. John won the Republican nomination for the seat, and the general election is in November. Good luck John!

    BHS Faster Care

    When Butler Health System was in need of a new website for their FasterCare urgent care facilities, they called Pipitone Group and I was on the job. The first priority for the client was to provide phone and location information for users. Through an intelligent responsive design, we satisfied both desktop and mobile users getting them the information they need fast.

    Fifth Ace Entertainment

    DJ Fifth Ace, or Dan Koch, has been a friend of mine since we both worked at the same night club around the turn of the century, when he became one of Waldron Interactive's first clients. As we've grown professionally, so has Dan's services. His new website needed to portray professionalism with some fun. The site also features a customer management system used for bookings, contracts, payments and client preferences.

    Murray Guard

    Murray Guard is a privately-held security services organization that needed a website redesign to accompany their new brand. I worked closely with the client to arrive at a design that the management and employees could be proud of and potential clients could easily navigate to find all of Murray Guard's services and contact the company to hire security personnel.


    In July 2013, I met without a doubt, the most interesting person I've ever met in my life. Randy Gilson is the creator of Randyland, a public art gallery located in the Northside, and Randy's home. In 2014, I built Randy a simple site on Tumblr, and got him set up on social media sites Twitter, Facebook and Instagram so he could share all of his creativity online. Additionally, we launched a Kickstarter campaign and successfully raised over $12,000 to fund an art installation.

    AIME – Robert Morris University

    AIME is an acronym for Access to Interprofessional Mental Health Education. The job was referred to me from a designer friend who created the logo and some other design assets for the project. The site was built in Wordpress because the administrators of the site were not happy with the university's CMS.

    TeamPay is an application that allows teams in sports leagues to manage their league fees and equally split payments between players. Additional fees can also be tacked on for referee costs or equipment and jerseys. The service is free for team managers and payments are deposited into their accounts weekly.

    Proper Brick Oven & Tap Room

    The Proper Brick Oven and Tap Room is a new artisan pizza restaurant in the heart of Pittsburgh's cultural district. The website was designed by friend and former colleague, Rob Price, and I was hired to build it. The responsive 1-page website is a valuable feature for the restaurant whose traffic is comprised of more than 60% mobile devices.

  • is a project of the Allegheny Conference on Community Development. The goal of the website is to attract mid-career talent from other cities to fill the growing job market in the Pittsburgh 11-county region. The site allows users to explore Pittsburgh in live, work, play and learn categories, and search a database of over 20,000 jobs.

    Pennsylvania Brain & Spine Institute

    The Pennsylvania Brain & Spine Institute was the first project I worked on for Highmark / Allegheny Health Network. The client had recently onboarded two of the top brain and spine surgeons in the country and needed a new brand and website to promote them. In addition, we created a library filled with knowledge on brain and spine disorders and treatments, providing a great source for SEO.

  • is a project of the Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership, Oakland Transportation Management Association and the Airport Corridor Transportation Association. The goal of the project is to promote walking as an alternative commuting method in Pittsburgh. In addition to the website, I designed a pedometer mobile app that will allow people to track steps and report walking metrics back to the website.


    PizzaRev is a California-based fast-casual pizza restaurant. Basically Chipotle for pizza. After their initial store proved to be a great success, PizzaRev prepared for expansion with a new website, and a new brand identity provided by Vance Wright Adams. People loved sharing their pizza creations on Instagram, so we turned that into a feature of the website.

    Directory of Design and Marketing Professionals

    The Directory of Design and Marketing was an application I built with a friend as an attempt to make some fast cash selling SEO to marketing agencies. This project taught us a valuable lesson, just because you build it, doesn't mean anyone will come. In other words, customer acquisition was much more difficult than anticipated!

    Jennmar Tradeshow Booth Games

    One of the more memorable projects in my career was building two trade show attractions for mining safety company, Jennmar. Jennmar needed unique ideas to bring people into their booth, and our solution was to build a custom Dig Dug arcade game branded with JennMar logos and slogans along with a slots machine kiosk with custom icons on the spinners. The slots game had a USB button that when pressed, would trigger a jackpot for a valued client. It was a project that got me out of the office and assembling arcade cabinets in a warehouse.

    Scioto Downs Racino

    Scioto Downs was the first responsive website I created. Launched in early 2012, we were way ahead of the curve in the web design industry! This project ran far over budget, but it was for a casino - a simple tweak of a slot machine would pay for any overage!

    Vance Wright Adams & Associates

    They say the hardest website to build is your own. And that was absolutely the case for Vance Wright Adams. After numerous design concepts, and even a possible rebranding of the company - we, in the end, produced a professional website indicative of the work we created at VWA. Even if it wasn't blue.

    UltraSkate Synthetic Ice

    As a hockey player, I was pretty excited about this project. Synthetic ice could allow ice hockey players to skate in more rinks, any time of year, indoor or outdoor. I designed a site that reflected the colors and textures of a hockey rink, with bold calls-to-action for pricing and contact cues. And I did get to skate on it several times at demos for my client, which was a lot of fun.

    Heinz Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2011

    This was a great website project for a customer who truly put an emphasis on green initiatives. Heinz not only saw the environmental benefits to sustainability projects, but also knew they would impact the bottom line - in a good way! This project published all of the ways Heinz reduced waste in their organization with great infographics and rich media.

    Innovative Autoworks

    Innovative Autoworks is a creative company that does incredible custom fabrication work on cars, trucks and other motorized vehicles. I can't even pretend to know what I'm writing here because I'm a total nerd, and in no way a gear head. But the stuff they do is shiny and cool.

    Vermont Highland Cattle Company

    Vermont Highland Cattle was one of my first clients at Vance Wright Adams. It got off to a rocky start as I misspelled the client's last name numerous times in a press release due to an aggressive spell checker in my IDE. We made it through that though and over the next few years kept improving on the site, primarily their custom shopping cart system built in the PHP framework, CodeIgniter.

    Andy Russell Charitable Foundation

    I'm can't even remember how I managed to get the Andy Russell Charitable Foundation as a client, but it was many years ago as this was the second iteration of website! The organization simply needed a website to promote their annual golf outing and publish all of the great auction items for each year's event.

    HPW Associates

    HPW Associates needed a clean website design to promote their business consulting services. I created a nice looking site on Wordpress so they could manage it on their own. I'm still not 100% sure what they do, I know it has something to do with business performance measurement and analytics. But they're happy with their site!


    In 1997, me and a friend launched the WWF Action Zone, a website dedicated to covering the WWF pro wrestling and it became an instant success. Within a year we relaunched the site as and continued to run the site for 4 years through college allowing us to travel around the country for wrestling shows. It was an amazing learning experience that set the stage for a long and rewarding career.


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