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    Steel City Mens Clinic

    Initially, Build in Motion was asked to make some recommendations on how to enhance the existing Steel City Men’s Clinic website. After some design work aimed at streamlining the website experience, SCMC asked Build in Motion to tackle other design projects including a tri-fold brochure and a design for a van wrap.

    The Efficiency Network (TEN) – v2.0

    TEN has been a long-time client for Build in Motion. After their acquisition by Duquesne Light, the company rebranded and needed a website to match.

    The design was created by Actual Size marketing agency, and I was tasked with developing the site.

    Author: Gary Lyon Otto

    Design and development of a simple website to allow author Gary Lyon Otto to sell his books

    Swarovski Infinite Aura

    Swarovski Lighting needed an app developer for thier new line of Infinite Aura lighing fixtures.

    The fixtures feature two lights, an outer ring light and an inner crystal light and Swarovski required that their brightness and warmth to be controlled by mobile app. They chose Build in Motion to make it happen.

    The Infinite Aura mobile app allows users to not only connect to and control the fixtures, but group fixtures together to adjust them simultaneously. Additionally, a set of lighting animation effects are also available to select.


    ProGo is an on-demand delivery service that features Henry, a lovable gopher character that will get whatever you need, whenever you need it. Through the app, users can schedule pick-up service to deliver anything in the same day or schedule future service. Users can also request to be picked up to assist with the delivery. A low-tech version of ProGo is currently in service in Deleware while the app is currently in development.

    Scoobi – Website

    Scoobi is a new on-demand electric scooter rental company coming to Pittsburgh and they needed a website that would promote the new service and educate users on how to get started.

    Scoobi App

    Scoobi is an on-demand electric scooter rental service launching in summer 2018. With 150 electric scooters to be placed over Downtown and the East End regions, Scoobi needed an app that was fast, intuitive and secure. With the Scoobi app, you can either reserve a scooter for future use, or if you’re in front of a scooter, you can simply scan & go.

    BigStxr Ticketing

    BigStxr (pronounced Big Star) is a ticketing portal that allows active military personnel and veterans verify their status through an authentication portal and by doing so, unlocks redemption codes that they can use to secure free or discounted tickets to events on participating websites.

    Empire Music

    Empire Music is an online guitar shop that sells high-end guitars. Many of the clients’ customers are driven to buy through high-resolution photography and they wanted a product page that really featured the photography. Armed with that knowledge, I created a product page where product info is secondary to photography. This page will be a custom template to Build in Motion’s Swift e-commerce platform.

    Innovative Autoworks v2

    Former client, Innovative Autoworks, returned to me in 2017 looking for a redesign of the site we build in 2011 at Vance Wright Adams. This design is much more mobile-friendly, and better highlights IAW’s stellar craftsmanship as well as their everyday services.