Archive for: July, 2007

    Rindy Bliss Realtor

    Somehow I was put in touch with some realtors in 2007 that were looking to get their own website and promote their properties. was one of my first sites to rather seamlessly integrate into another website, the RE/Max realty listings, which back then meant using frames. But even then, I was insistent that the site look cohesive from a design standpoint and designed Rindy’s site to share many UI aspects from the RE/Max listings.

    Mac-1 Construction

    Mac-1 Construction is a home builder in Arizona. Don’t remember how I got this job, I hardly remember even doing it. But there it is. And the same website I built in 2007 is running today, so I guess that says something about how happy they were with my work. Even though I don’t think I’ve spoken to them since.