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    PizzaRev is a California-based fast-casual pizza restaurant. Basically Chipotle for pizza. After their initial store proved to be a great success, PizzaRev prepared for expansion with a new website, and a new brand identity provided by Vance Wright Adams. People loved sharing their pizza creations on Instagram, so we turned that into a feature of the website.

    Directory of Design and Marketing Professionals

    The Directory of Design and Marketing was an application I built with a friend as an attempt to make some fast cash selling SEO to marketing agencies. This project taught us a valuable lesson, just because you build it, doesn’t mean anyone will come. In other words, customer acquisition was much more difficult than anticipated!

    Penn Hebron Garden Club

    During my time at the Penn Hills CDC, we operated the Penn Hebron Garden Club, using it as a home-base and also managing rentals. I built a quick and easy website for the club to support events and rentals.